Tuesday, 27 June 2017

"This isn’t a witch hunt - I don’t want anyone finding her and knocking over her scooter."

Frankly, I don't see how that's possible, short of having one of those mini-diggers handy:
“She had a kid on the front of it and a dog alongside.
“The scooter was massive.
“She crashed into the side of one of the machines.
“She drove forwards and back and seemed to think it was funny.”
Of course she did. She knows there are no consequences.
He added that the machine was an old model and so couldn’t be repaired, but a replacement would be about £3,500. Buying the modern equivalent would cost about £5,000.
It is not a legal requirement for mobility scooters to have insurance unless they are driven on the road.
Mr Richardson said they were welcome in the arcade, as long as users were careful of children using the venue.
Anyone with information about the incident or the identity of the woman pictured can call Essex Police on 101.
For whatever good that would possibly do...

Fools And Their Money Are Soon Parted....

...and it's even quicker now we have the Internet!
Emma Bray, 20, took to Facebook to say she could not afford the £270 bill to return lurcher Bee, who disappeared from her home in Canterbury.
Dog lovers were quick to set up a GoFundMe page to raise the money, with donations pouring in to help reunite the mum-of-two with her family pet.
Whoa there! Not so fast...
But it emerged yesterday the dog is still with council contractor Animal Wardens, which was so concerned by its welfare it reported the case to the RSPCA.
It says the dog was in poor health and suffering from fleas, worms and mange, and had an open wound to her tail, requiring urgent veterinary treatment.
The firm disputes Miss Bray’s claims that the dog went missing on May 5, the day it took Bee in, saying a member of the public reported it running stray for four days before.
One might ask how a 'single mum of two' can afford the cost of owning a dog in the first place....

Monday, 26 June 2017

You Have To Be Quick To Beat The Mods!

I know Finsbury Park well. My Algerian husband is from the area and he prays in the mosque that was attacked. The recent attack on London Bridge and Borough market was carried out by men from Barking. I was born in Barking. It’s all feels so close to home.
 Hmmm, really? How would you know, since you spend so little time here?
As a humanitarian doctor and filmmaker I have worked mainly overseas, often in war zones.
 A bit of background would be ni...


Well, damn!

Who To Believe..?

There's the NHS and the police involved, after all:
Relatives said Da Costa’s doctor had told them before he died that he had sustained a broken neck, brain damage as a result of head injuries, a broken collarbone and loss of his eyesight due to the quantity of CS spray used on him.
“This is what the doctors told us,” said his cousin, Natalia Leles. “We were told by the doctor – my uncle was told by the doctor – plenty of us witnessed him say this: that his collarbone was broken, that he suffered fractures on his head, which caused him to seizure.”
Cue the mob! Riots!

Oh, hang on...
The IPCC said on Friday: “The preliminary postmortem found that Mr Da Costa did not suffer a broken neck or any other spinal injury during his interaction with the police. It found he did not suffer a broken collarbone or bleeding to the brain.
“Rigorous investigations into the cause of Mr Da Costa’s death are continuing, including into the use of force.”
The watchdog said it was releasing those details because it was concerned about the “rapid spread of false and potentially inflammatory information” online about Da Costa’s condition.
Maybe the police & NHS are off the hook, then? Now, who could possibly stand to gain from these sorts of rumours, I wonder?

Update: Ah. Of course. The usual suspects. Maybe if that doctor can be traced and admits to having said this, he should be hit with the clean-up bill?

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Vale, Bystander...

Some sad news, my Blogroll is in 'Missing Man' formation today:

It's fair to say we had differing views on crime and punishment. I had quite a few run-ins with him at his blog, but he was always interesting and informative, and very good natured about it.

Such a shame he didn't get to enjoy a well earned and long retirement.

H/T: CJ Nerd via email

It Was The Property Developers Wot Dunnit!

Ed Vulliamy weeps for the 'community' he knew...
A contemporary free glossy magazine called The Hill describes the neighbourhood of my youth to its wealthy readers as “a no-go area for sure”. That’s not how I remember things; I think Notting Hill was a special place to grow up. It had its well established white working class, many of whom lived in poverty described by the politician Alan Johnson in his memoir. It had been largely built by the Irish, who had begun arriving in the mid-19th century and continued to do so. It was settled in the 1940s by refugees from General Franco’s uprising against the Spanish republic, and during the 50s by those arriving from the West Indies on boats such as the Windrush, shipped by then minister of labour, Enoch Powell, to provide a cheap workforce.
 I think there's a clue there. Can anyone see what it is?
My parents came from the latest influx, mostly white, of jazz-generation bohemians, into this minestrone population. Ironically, Ladbroke Grove was one of the few affordable areas in London for mum and dad – post-second world war and post art-school. In those days, people really did leave doors unlocked. Mothers used to swap children around between one another when they needed to work.
There's a great difference between that influx of mass immigration, and the current one. Maybe that's the reason?
Then came the people rightly called “property speculators” – now euphemistically described as “developers” – and their estate agents.
Ah. My mistake.
I joined forlorn attempts to rescue our local pubs – those indoor urban village greens where lifelong friendships and decisions were made, bets lost and sweethearts won, pints pulled, chasers downed, kisses locked and punches thrown. Tavern after tavern turned into luxury dwellings or snazzy bistros.
And the smoking ban, plus the increase in non-alcohol drinking population,  had nothing to do with that, right?
With the changes, lines have been drawn. The threads of that complex, convivial weave in which I grew up have been torn out and re-sewn, managed into a tapestry of brutal lines, on one side of which lies today’s road whence mum and I beheld the now skeletal Grenfell Tower.
A society can bear mass immigration, and we once did. But it depends who immigrates, and why they do so.

Friday, 23 June 2017

I Guess The Mad Terrorist-Supporting Socialist Wasn't The Biggest Danger In The Recent Election After All...

...it was the desperate-to-cling-to-power wet 'Tory':

Theresa May has promised the Grenfell Tower tragedy will not be used as excuse to carry out immigration checks, after it emerged victims were not seeking help over fears they would be reported to the Home Office.
In statement given to the House of Commons on Thursday, the Prime Minister said the immigration status of those affected by the tragedy or those providing “vital” information would not be investigated.
If there's a more dangerous precedent than telling people who don't obey our laws that a tragic fire could see them home free with a British passport, then I don't know what it is...