Saturday, 21 October 2017

The Right Result...

Four Met Police officers have been cleared of gross misconduct following the death of 18-year-old Henry Hicks who died after he failed to stop his moped in Islington, north London in December 2014.
Hmmm, well, technically, he didn't 'fail to stop his moped', it was stopped for him, by the parked car he careered headlong into!
The teenager, who had been described as a talented footballer was carrying several bags of cannabis at the time of his death.
Given the family, it's hardly surprising he was suspected of being lowlife, drug-dealing scum.
The suspected low level drug dealer had been stopped and searched 89 times between the age of 14 and 17, though had never been charged with any criminal offence.
Perhaps if he had been, he'd have learnt a lesson?
A disciplinary panel said the officers, who were given anonymity during the inquest into the teenager's death - were investigated over claims they had breached professional behaviour standards.
However, this afternoon, the panel, led by an independent chair, announced that all four officers had been cleared. The panel said that none of the officers had breached professional standards or had been engaged in pursuing the teenager.
No doubt there's already a few CiF 'journalists' fishing in the veg drawer for an onion, ready to pen a polemic about how awful it is....

Just Incompetent, Or Actively Sabotaging The Case...?

A woman beaten up in a savage late-night assault says she is doing the police's job for them by issuing crystal-clear pictures of her alleged attacker.
Micha Birgitta, 31, had her nose smashed in the brutal attack while the thug knocked out her male friend in London's East End.
Police hunting the crazed brute - thought to be high on drugs or drunk - put out blurred and grainy CCTV images of him that 'could have been anybody'.
But now Ms Birgitta has sent dramatic stills from footage shot on her friend's mobile straight to her local paper the Hackney Gazette in an attempt to catch him.
Clearly, she's realised relying on the police is an utter waste of time.

And yes, she DID make the photo available to them:
Ms Birgitta said she's 'scared of her own shadow' knowing her attacker is still at large and justice has not been done.
And she can't believe that a high-quality video taken on her friend's phone was never released by officers targeting the attacker.
'The CCTV is terrible quality,' insisted Ms Birgitta, who's still struggling to see properly.
So are the cops, love. They just can't see past the need to keep a tight lid on the amount of diverse, enriched crime that goes on in London. It's not like they aren't simply following precedent, either.

But now that she's gone to the papers, they have to respond:
Scotland Yard said they were only made aware of the new photographs yesterday. A spokesman said: “We will always use the best images we have to appeal for those wanted for questioning by police.
“In our initial appeal on this case, we used the only image we had available.
“On Wednesday we were made aware of better and clearer images which we are working to release asap once we have spoken with the victims in this case.”
Someone's lying. Once, I would have naturally assumed it was the complainant.

But that was long ago...

Friday, 20 October 2017

"Well this is a song about a travellin' man who knows just what he wants."

A traveller has complained he has been stuck on a patch of land for a week after it was blocked off by the council.
Richard Brannan set up home at the 39 Acres site off Ditchling Road, Brighton, four weeks ago, and says he has been living peacefully on his own.
However, last Friday, he noticed he was unable to leave because the area was blocked off at the entrance and exit.
Really? Without warning?
He said: “The council warned me on the Wednesday they would be blocking the area off but I was waiting for the car to be looked at.
“Then on Friday it was blocked.”
Hmmmm, I have just the thing....

He said the predicament was also costing him money as he cannot get to work.
Ahahahahahaha! Stop! You're killing me!
But he claims this is not the only thing making it hard for him a financially. He said: “I usually shop at Lidl, which is really cheap.
“But I am having to shop at Asda now.
“I get some things at Lidl for 30p, for example, but in Asda it is £1.20.”
*wipes away tears of mirth*

Well, there's a good advertising slogan for Asda: "We're just expensive enough to keep out the riff-raff!"
A council spokesman said: “We have not purposely blocked Mr Brannan, who is actually trespassing, on to the land at 39 Acres.
“He fully knew we were blocking this entrance to the site to stop other trespassers and he had told the council he did not need to move his van until we served him with a court order, which will take place as soon as possible.
“Mr Brannan has also told us he can come and go easily from the site as he has both a push bike and a car that he parks outside the land.
“Mr Brannan is well known to the council and has our phone number so if he now wants to leave the site we will arrange for the entrance to be unblocked. We will however block the site again to stop other trespassers.”
You can almost imagine the weary tone of voice they used, can't you?

The UK Police Farce: Twitter Is Their Krypotonite! Part 2798435

Having lots of cops paint their nails (yes, really!) for 'Anti Slavery Day' wasn't Avon & Somerset's best idea:

Who could have predicted this?


You won't find that Tweet at their timeline, as they have since deleted it, presumably when the legal department strolled in, coffee in hand, and read it with that sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach. But the Internet is forever....

Just remember this when they whinge about resourcing.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

PussyPass Declined...

At Blackfriars crown court yesterday, the New Look shop assistant’s tearful plea for a suspended sentence was rejected by Judge Michael Simon.
“There is far too much in the way of drugs and other illicit items in prisons these days and the courts can’t condone on any basis, regardless of the mitigation there might be, attempts to contravene the rules,” he said.
“There were plenty of points along the line where you should have backed out, but having continued you must face the consequences.”
Excellent news! Well done, Judge Simon!
Radford, a trained hairdresser from north Woolwich, admitted two charges of conveying a prohibited article into prison. She waved to her mother in the public gallery as she was led sobbing from the dock.
More please, faster!

Why Is He Described As 'A Builder'...?

Surely 'serial menace' is his real job?
Adam McDermott was driving his girlfriend’s car when he sped around the corner of Montague Place in Brighton on the wrong side of the road and knocked Andrew Payne into the air.
He raced off in his fiancee’s Fiat 500 before the 53-year-old had even fallen back onto the concrete, leaving him with life threatening injuries.
The CCTV is horrific.
McDermott, 32, yesterday confessed to causing serious injury by dangerous driving as well as a string of other charges when he arrived to stand trial at Lewes Crown Court.
He also pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice with Clark Walker.
The pair bought lighter fluid and set fire to the car in a bid to destroy evidence.
It was found partially burnt out just two streets away from the house in Vernon Terrace which McDermott shared with his mother and fiancee Robyn Burns, with whom he has a six-month-old child.
Great! It's bred already.
Described by his defence barrister Pierce Power as having a long and “chequered” criminal past, McDermott said “cheers” as he was taken down to the cells.
He is already in custody, serving a sentence for shoplifting and threatening somebody with a knife at the Lakeside shopping centre in London.
Walker, 31, of Ditchling Rise, Brighton, is also behind bars
After the arson he was recalled on an indefinite sentence for his part in a kidnapping.
They say you can tell a man by the company he keeps. They're right.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The 'Guardian's' Efforts To Find The Least Sympathetic Cause Might Have Run Its Course....

....because I can't see them topping this one:
In a corner of a teeming refugee camp, 40 miles north of Raqqa, a small group of women and children are kept alone. They mill together at the back of a blue building; blond and brown haired children darting in between blankets that their mothers have hung as doors across small, dank rooms. Others in the Ain Issa camp call them “the Daeshis”, meaning Islamic State families. No one wants to know them.
 Hardly surprising!
International aid agencies and governments are scrambling to assess the numbers of widows and orphans now thought to be at extreme risk, both within their societies and at the hands of predatory local officials.
“No one will deal with them, or even touch them,” said Ahmed al-Raqqawi, a 25-year-old anti-Isis fighter in the centre of Raqqa.
When they were here, they used to think they were kings. Even the women.”
Well, most likely, they thought they were queens...!
“The women who chose to leave the UK and go there need to be responsible for what they did. They will not be coming home,” said a British official.
The children, though, deserve compassion.”
Do they? Why? Why take the risk? Even the French are well aware of the dangers they may pose:
On Friday, France appeared to flag an advance in its position, with the defence minister, Florence Parly, announcing on French radio that the children of its dead nationals may be taken in, but not their mothers.
“Children who are in local custody can, depending on their parents’ preference, either stay with them while their parents get tried locally, or be repatriated to France, where they will be cared for by social services. They are usually very young, but they can have been radicalised and need to be watched. The challenge for us is to turn them into citizens again,” said Parly.
Is it a challenge worth taking? I don't think so.

Mayoral Priorities...

Offered without comment.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

I Think The Problem Is Closer To Home...

...on his first day she was called into school over claims he attacked a dinner lady.
Ms Yourelis claims this was because he was alone and 'petrified' of the other children in the playground.
She said: 'Eli began hitting this person and as a result I was called into the school.'
Well, yes. What else would you expect?
'Eli's condition is not diagnosed yet but he has trouble understanding social situations and will often get confused and lash out.
Ms Yourelis, from Bromborough, Merseyside, had a meeting with staff and claims she was told that expelling him was an option.'
I'm wondering why someone whose initial reaction is physical violence was ever admitted to a normal school!
She said: 'I told them he needed support not exclusion and a behavioural plan was put together.
'He has lashed out a few times at school since he started but they haven't given him the support he needs.'
They aren't equipped to do so. If he's that uncontrollable, he needs to be in a special school, for his sake and everyone else's.
'They tried to show me videos of Eli striking out at teachers but I never gave them permission to film my son.'
That's a strange reaction, isn't it? To immediately think that your uncontrollable little hellion is the real victim?
Ms Yourelis received a letter on September 28 stating that Eli will be permanently excluded from the school. The letter said that Eli was excluded due to a serious breach of school behaviour policy. This included seriously harming and attacking five members of staff - thumping, kicking, biting, damaging school property and using offensive and threatening language.
She added: 'I'm going to tribunal with this case because I feel like the school have failed my son.'
They had him for one day. You had him for four years. What are the odds?

'Lenient Leigh' Strikes Again...

Sam Kent, 26, of Dovervelt Road, Canvey, and drinking buddy Jak Bruce, 27, smashed up 11 cars outside the Smuggler’s Den in Pooles Lane, Hullbridge.
Basildon Crown Court heard police found the pair in an “agitated state” after their rampage and had to forcibly restrain them on the floor.
Kent was banned from driving for two years after the court heard he also drove into a van and then gave chase as the terrified driver tried to flee.
Both had been on an all-day bender on May 25.
How on earth do you do £12,000 worth of damage and not see a day behind bars for it?
Judge Samantha Leigh (Ed: *groans*) handed both men a three-year community order, with 200 hours of unpaid work and a thinking skills course. Both must pay some compensation to the drivers who did not claim on insurance.
She said: “How on earth you have both got yourself in to this situation is really quite incomprehensible. It just doesn’t make sense. Mindless violence and vandalism are the only words that spring to mind.”
Oh, I dunno, Samantha, a few others actually spring to mind...