Thursday, 19 April 2018

It Seems The Judge Wasn't As Dim As You Thought....

In mitigation, Pippa Woodrow said that her client suffered from problems expressing himself and that this led to him 'coming across as aggressive', and to escalations of violence.
Such as throwing punches, throwing furniture about and wielding a bottle, while fracturing a man's jaw in two places.
She added that during his time in custody he had engaged well with rehabilitation programmes and had bright future prospects.
Had he really...?
Sentencing, Judge Ian Pringle QC jailed him for 12 months, including a separate offence of having a mobile phone in prison.
Guess not.

I Think You'll Find It's A Hare They Chase Round The Track...

In mitigation, Mark Hudson said all dogs are dangerous. He said: “They have had the dog since it was nine months old. It has never before shown willingness or want to chase anything.
“They have taken it to public places and shows. Sadly, this is what dogs do, it’s what animals do.
"It was not attacking a human, it was attacking a cat which all of these bread (sic) of dogs are trained to do. There hasn’t been any previous complaints and the owners a good people (sic).”
Don't suppose you've been to many dog races, then, Mark...?
Magistrates’ ordered Archer, of Radcliff Road in Stamford, to pay a fine of £200, £100 compensation to the victim, £52 costs and a victim surcharge of £50.
A contingent destruction order was also imposed meaning the dog may be destroyed if it attacks again. The owner was also told the dog was not allowed out without a muzzle on.
Greyhounds have a very high prey drive. No responsible owner would take one out without a muzzle.

Still, I'm sure the £100 is enough to compensate the cat's owner for the loss of his pet and his wound, right?

If he ever sees a penny...

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Because It Just Must Be A Vast Conspiracy....

Family and friends of a Southend man who died at Chelmsford Prison are demanding that the inquest into his death is re-opened to find out answers.
An inquest ruled that Edward Tula, 20, hung himself in his single cell on June 16, 2012, while he was held in custody over an alleged assault.
An alleged assault on whom...?
He was a patient at Basildon Hospital four months before his death where he received medical assessment for complaints of paranoia and self-harm.
He was charged with assaulting another patient in the hospital.
The inquest, which lasted for four days, ruled that “imprisonment, medical history and the forthcoming trial may have been contributory factors in his death”.
However, his grief-stricken family is demanding the inquest to be re-opened as they allege that Mr Tula was murdered.
Really? You mean, it's not likely that a man with a history of mental illness killed himself?
They are furious over the irregularities of the ombudsman’s report where witnesses reported his body was found in three different locations of the prison.
Family and friends have received the support of Sir David Amess MP, social workers, a Southend police officer and a police constable.
Mr Tula’s mum, Doreen Burleigh, 43, of Southend, said: “I am going to pursue to this the end. I am not convinced about the details given to us by the prisoner ombudsman.
“I am not convinced my son died from suicide. He was a young man, only 20, and he had a whole life waiting for him.
“He was one month away from his 21st birthday.
“I am working tirelessly to get justice for my Edward. We will be heading to Chelmsford Prison next Thursday to hold a peaceful demonstration.”
Hmmm, why not blame the Russians?
Keith Martin, 59, a family friend of the family said: “We are taking our campaign worldwide. Doreen will be heading to Zimbabwe to get support for our petition, and the US for collect more signatures.”
Yeaaaah, I'm sure you'll get traction there.
Mr Tula was a music student at Southend Adult Community College. After graduation he had wanted to pursue a career in music.
Another aspiring rapper? Damn.

Oh, What A Surprise!

A woman's life was at risk after a vicious attack by her own American Bulldog on Monday.
Well, I never!
The 29-year-old dog walker had been walking the rescue animal in the afternoon with a number of others at the woods between the distillery and canal near Beardmore Street. It was around 12.37pm when the animal, which she has owned for six weeks, turned on her.
The dog, which had been on its lead, jumped on her and mauled her arms, leaving such bad injuries that the woman thought she had lost her fingers.
Good lord, it's like deja vu all over again; multiple beasts of indeterminate temperament being walked by an idiot and it all goes horribly wrong.
While the dog attacked her, another American Bulldog she had been walking jumped up and tried to protect her by biting the aggressive animal.
Aha! That's the reason for so many dogs?
The woman was then able to reach for her mobile phone and call police, who moved quickly to the incident.
But once they got there, lacked the tools. Again.
However, the dog was acting so violently, police had struggled to wrestle it from the woman who was lying on the ground. Officers with shields were then dispatched.
They were able to force the dog away from the victim and when it jumped into the back of a police van, they secured the animal and attended to the woman.
Why did no one dispatch an ARV?

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

It's Not Just The Probation Service, Is It..?

Mrs Scott's family believe that the probation service has "blood on its hands" and did not act despite Mrs Scott highlighting Mellors concerning behaviour on a number of occasions.
They said the probation service was warned after he stalked the mum-of-six outside her Nursery Road home and at her new workplace, Lidl in Arnold, after their relationship ended just after Christmas.
Maybe it would have been a good idea for Mrs Scott not to start a relationship with a man just out of prison for beating and strangling his partner to death while her two young daughters slept next door..?

Not Only Did They Escape Criticism....

...they are now backslapping each other for their actions:
They are trained to run towards danger to keep us safe.
Now brave police officers in Huddersfield are among those who have been recognised for going above and beyond in the line of duty.
This year’s Kirklees District Commander’s Awards saw officers who intervened in the vicious dog attack on Huddersfield man David Ellam recognised for their bravery.
Tragically, Mr Ellam died from the injuries he sustained in the attack.
An attack that wouldn't have happened, if not for the sloth of that same police force...
Eight police officers tried their hardest to save his life, including quick-thinking Pc Jake Knight who grabbed a fire extinguisher and fought off the dog.
Pc Knight, as well as Sgt Andrew Watson, Pc Richard Nicholls, Pc Steve Nicholls, Det Sgt Pete Usher, Pc Andrew Clayton, Pc Jafar Hussain and Pc Daniel Rush managed to detain the dog.
Eight? What did they all do, grab a leg each in pairs?
The officers were recognised for their actions during the incident and the work they contributed to the criminal investigation which led to the dog’s owner, Aaron Joseph, being jailed for 10 years. 
And some would say there should have been a few others in the dock with him...

Monday, 16 April 2018

Pity It's Not The Sort Of Laboratory That Carries Out Animal Testing...

...he'd make a perfect subject:
Road rage 'bully' Robert Colley walked away from court today with a suspended jail term despite committing two acts of dangerous driving on the same day in October 2016.
Longlevens labatory technician (Ed: Shouldn't that be ex-laboratory technician?) Colley, 30, of Old Cheltenham Road, assaulted one of the drivers unfortunate to incur his wrath, and caused damage to the car of his other victim.
Even his own brief couldn't really say much:
However despite being described by his own defence lawyer, Clare Fear, as “a menace, especially when driving”, Judge Ian Lawrie QC sitting at Gloucester Crown Court, imposed a suspended jail term.
Why...? Well, believe it or not....cost!
Sentencing Colley to 18 months prison suspended for two years, the judge said: “There is only one reason I haven't locked you up: it would cost far too much, when you could be do work for the community and pay compensation to the victims.
“I hope for the rest of your life, you do not act like a bully, drive like an idiot, or raise your fists to anyone.
Why shouldn't he? He's done it all his life with little real consequence!
“You have a rather unhealthy, stroppy nature,” the judge continued, and made reference to the 'fear you instilled by your irrational violent reactions'. The judge reserved any breaches of the order to himself and warned Colley that if he saw him again he will certainly send him to prison.
That'll be a great comfort to the next person he assaults, I'm sure....

Since When Was It 'A Lifestyle'...?

The barrister pleaded with the judge not to ban Graham from having another dog, saying he was habitually homeless and having a dog was an important part of his lifestyle.
Wait, what?
But Judge James Adkins told the defendant: "You asked [the victim] for money and he refused and [he] walked off towards West Walls and you followed and brought your dog with you."
The judge said the dog was used to intimidate the victim. Its bite had left the man with bruising, while he was also left struggling to see out of one eye because of the woman's punch. He needed a week off work as a result of that injury to his face.
Sounds like the bitch was even more dangerous!
Noting that Graham had 138 convictions on his criminal record, Judge Adkin added: "I do not consider you a fit and proper person to have custody of a dog."
But clearly a fit & proper person to be allowed to walk the streets and aggressively beg strangers for money?