Friday, 28 October 2016

What A Pity Judges And Home Office Ministers Aren't Out On London's Streets...

A thug who knocked a Pokemon Go player’s tooth out in an unprovoked street attack has been jailed for nine months.
William Larking, 35, assaulted victim Matthew Alford as he and his friends played the mobile phone game in Poland Street, Soho, on September 7.
Just another drunken idiot at large on the streets of London?

Well, no. This one's a professional:
He has 45 previous convictions for 108 offences, including assault, affray, and robbery, and was on bail at the time of the attack on Mr Alford.

“This is a tragic loss.”

So terribly, terribly tragic:
Tony Burry, 31, was found lying face down on his bed in the Canvey home he shared with his mother and her partner.
He had been collected from Chelmsford Prison on Wednesday, June 8 - the day before he died...
No, he didn't work there!
On the day of his death Mr Burry, who was prescribed methadone during his time in prison, went upstairs to his bedroom at about 5.30pm.
He spoke to a neighbour out of the window, who said he looked unwell.
Just 30 minutes later Mr Burry was found by a friend who had arrived at the house to visit him.
CPR was performed but he was pronounced dead.
Cigarettes, two used syringes and other drugs paraphernalia were found in the room. A post-mortem examination found the cause of death to be intoxication by heroin and cocaine...
*wipes away tears* Oh, it's like the death of Little Nell, isn't it?
Coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray, who gave her condolences to the family on the “loss of Tony in these tragic circumstances”, recorded his death as an accident.
There really needs to be a cause of death that covers these circumstances far more accurately...

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Their Reach Is Vast, And All-Encompassing...

Norden High School, Rishton, said .. “It has been brought to our attention that several fake clown profiles have been set up on Facebook.
“The content of threads on Facebook is highly inappropriate and causing unnecessary upset and concern to a number of our students.
“We have identified the creators of the fake accounts and we can assure you that they will be sanctioned accordingly.”
Gosh! I'm rather stunned this particular school has time to worry about what their pupils do outside of school hours on private property....

It'd Be Less 'Sad' If The Owner Were Subject To A Destruction Order Too...

Sentencing, Justin Rouse QC described the pictures of the girl’s injuries as horrific. He added: “It’s obviously very sad for the child who was bitten by the dog, a choice of dog which seems to end up in the wrong hands all too frequently and probably for the wrong reasons.
“It’s sad for that dog – it’s been poorly trained and poorly cared for – that it had to be destroyed.”
Time for Clarkson's Law.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Incapable Of Taking Responsibility...

Owner Jason O’Neil told magistrates he had done all he could to contain his dog Kizzie, erecting a huge fence to contain her. The court heard how the dog – which even police agree has a “soft and friendly” temperament – is well known on Carlisle’s Raffles estate because it had escaped so many times.
What a great place to live that must be..! the city’s Rickergate magistrates’ court, Mr O’Neil’s mother Elizabeth Ann Richardson, 52, in charge of Kizzie while he was in prison, was prosecuted for failing to comply with the terms of a Dangerous Dogs Act exemption certificate.
And no, not just the 'continuously escaping' part:
Prosecutor Pamela Fee outlined how on July 21 a police officer was in the Raffles Avenue area when he saw Kizzie trot across the road and into a nearby play park. It had neither a muzzle nor a lead on it.
When challenged, Richardson said she was the dog’s keeper because her son Jason O’Neil was in prison.
She said she had helped to care for the dog since it was eight weeks old. “She said she was not fully aware of the conditions she had to comply with,” said Mrs Fee. “She said the papers [about it] were packed away somewhere in the house.
“She said the dog was soft and friendly.”
And probably brighter than the owners. But these regulations exist for a reason.
Police also confirmed that insurance for the dog – another of the conditions that owners had to meet for such dogs – had expired.
Might have been an idea to check the car insurance and TV license too, while they were at it...
Speaking from the public gallery, her son, Mr O’Neil, told the court: “I’ve put a 6ft high fence right around the garden. “She jumps over, so there’s no way to keep her in. Police have brought the dog back numerous times... I can’t build the fence any higher than it is.”
Mr O’Neil explained that he had already spent £2,000 on retrieving the dog but, with a child due to be born this month, he could not afford to pay any more. Asked about Kizzie’s temperament, he said: “I don’t know how they can say it’s a pit bull-type dog.
“It’s dad was a golden retriever, and it’s mum a Staffordshire bull terrier. It’s never bitten anyone, never been in a dog fight and never done anything around the streets. I don’t think it’s fair at all. It’s one of the most placid dogs you could have.”
Which isn't really the point. Is it? The thing shouldn't be roaming free.
Magistrates said they had no option but to order Kizzie’s destruction because there was no formal challenge to the order and the exemption certificate conditions were breached. They imposed an £80 fine on Richardson with a £30 victim surcharge. She must also pay £500 towards Kizzie’s kennelling costs. After the case, Mr O’Neil stressed that the likely cost of challenging the sentence made it impossible for him to do that.
So the taxpayer pays. Again.

Isn't it about time we instituted Clarkson's Law and started putting down the owners as well?

I'm Shocked, Shocked! (Part 2587954586)

...owners looking for their missing dogs began to look at claims they were on a travellers site near Nuneaton.
No! What are the odds?
According to the spokesmen, West Midlands Police have been dealing with the initial thefts. They have had support from Warwickshire Police , who dealt with a row between travellers and people looking for the dogs this morning.
Which is, I suspect, the only reason they turned up at all!
Police were called to the Griff this morning after two dogs were stolen in Coventry
A Warwickshire Police spokesman said: “We were called to the Griff caravan park this morning. We were called to an altercation.
“We were called at approximately 7.40am to reports of an altercation at the Griff caravan park. It was believed to be verbal and no injuries were recorded.”
At the moment it isn’t known if any arrests have been made, but investigations are currently ongoing.
Well, that's reassuring. Not.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

'A Gift' Is Something You Don't Have To Accept, Isn't It?

The 82-year-old said: "The hospital gave us no explanation whatsoever. It made me very angry and disappointed.
"They took a whole year to carve. The wood was donated to us for nothing, all as a gift to the people of Oxfordshire. We are proud of what we have done.
"It's getting on for 10 years later and there is no recognition. I think we at least deserve an explanation; it's courtesy. After all that hard work, we have been dismissed."
 Maybe if no-one wants then, that should give you a clue?
In June the county council reassured the Oxford Mail that the carvings would be put up, and has since offered to display them in the Common Hall at County Hall – a cafe only open to the public if visiting on council business.
Mr Eastoe said: "We were very disturbed that they made no effort to get them elsewhere. I said we were not satisfied with the cafeteria, where the work would be seen mainly by staff rather than thousands of people.
"These were carved as a gift to the people of Oxfordshire."
Seems as if the people of Oxfordshire's response is 'Oh, yes. Very nice...' *under their breath* 'Gawd, where are we going to put these damned things?'

We've all had those sort of gifts, haven't we?

Too Much To Hope It's To Arrest Them Then..?

PC Beth Manley, who is dealing with the incident, said: "We have released the picture of the injury with the agreement of the woman who was bitten to show that she suffered a nasty injury to her leg as a result of the incident.
"We are very keen to speak to the person walking the dog so we can work with them to try and ensure that this type of thing does not happen again."
Do you really think the woman who walked away unconcernedly as her animal's victim tried to stem the blood flow is amenable to 'working with you', then..?

Monday, 24 October 2016

Because Nothing Says 'Integration'.... setting up your own separate project!

Instead of trying to liberalise British Islam, the new scheme will focus solely on a message that violence can never be used. A source familiar with the plans said: “If we can get these voices more heard, they are anti-government and therefore more credible in saying do not turn to violence.”
You reject the duly elected government of this country, and you wonder why 'Prevent' targets you?
Some of those who will try to turn people away from violence may include conservative Islamic scholars who are considered by government to be extremists. These are people who may have illiberal views on homosexuality or women’s equality.
*fetches big bag of popcorn*

File Under 'Nobody Cares'...

The family of 21-year-old Jamal Mahmoud, who was stabbed to death at Pentonville prison, today hit out at authorities for “neglecting” him.
*rolls eyes*
The prisoner was jailed for six years and six months in July as one of two gang members sentenced after hiding a loaded Skorpion machine gun and ammunition in a garden in Enfield.
He was already serving five-and-a-half years in prison for a separate robbery.
Now that's chutzpah!
His sister Souzan, speaking on behalf of her mother Hawa, told ITV News: "For her to get a phone call that her son had died in prison is just devastating. "I blame the prison more than the actual person that done it. They owed him a duty of care and they just neglected him.
"She's worried about my other brother who is also in prison."
What a charming family!
His fiancée Melissa Modeste, an administrative assistant with whom he had a 10-month old son, last night joined a vigil organised by friends.
In an emotional post on Facebook, she wrote: “Sleep tight my darling Jamal. I miss you, I love you, forever and always.”
She added: “I miss you telling me you love me, I miss planning our future together. I miss you making plans for [our son], I miss us talking about having another baby in the future, I miss us planning to get our marriage registered. 
"All I have left is a couple of tops and your 50 pairs of trainers. My engagement ring will never leave my finger.” 
My heart of stone seems strangely unmoved...